romantic floral wreath watercolor wedding invites

Watercolor flowers wreath wedding invitations – classic and romantic style is back

Romance is back! In fact, floral wedding invitations and wreath wedding invites have become the rage (again) for aspiring brides and grooms, as these gorgeous invitations shout style, romance and classic elegance. If we go back in the days when wedding parties were smaller and more intimate, floral detailing, actually done by hand, was very popular. And today brides are choosing these elegant and delicate works of the art as they readily express their love, joy and passion for what will undoubtedly be the most memorable day of their lives. wreath bridal hair

Wreath floral invitations add an especially brilliant accent to an invite, as a wreath shape in florals can encompass the couple’s initials or the whole wording like it is in this particular wedding  invitation. Printing quality makes watercolors look so realistic, your invitees will feel as if they can actually smell the flowers hand drawn for this invitation.

You can contact with custom color request There are numerous colors to choose from, as well as infinite number of floral combinations. Many weddings take place in the gardens and under gazebos in parks, and a floral wedding invitation would carry that garden theme and inspire the thought of a fresh, colorful and romantic coupling.  Watercolor flowers invitations also give bride the option of choosing colors for the invite that match the colors of her dress or that of her bridesmaids, as well as the flowers that will be on display at the wedding. Just contact with custom color request and flowers color will be changed for free.

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Floral wreath for bride by  OndinesCurse
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watercolor floral wreath wedding invites
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