skeleton key and love heart lock wedding invitations

Lock and Key Wedding Invitations

Many people say that love is the key to the happiness. And lock – is the commitment symbol which helps to lock love for forever.

STEAMPUNK GOTHIC DRESSThis steampunk Victorian style design stands out among its peers for its ability to dazzle the eyes and calm the soul. Flowers carefully hand-drawn and set against a background of seemingly burnt parchment make one’s mind go back to the days before electricity, awakening a sense of nostalgia. The invitation itself is printed in block letters using the typewriter font style, and the names of the bride and groom are put into an elegant cursive style. This antique wedding invitation’s design and color reminds us not just of standing at a railroad or an old grandfather clock, but also of the great works of literature about love coming from the Victorian era. If you are looking for an invitation card that makes a statement without being flashy, this is the one for you. Beautifully designed, this Victorian-style card with steampunk details inspires love and thoughtfulness. steampunk wedding dress

This sentiment is brought into full being with the attached lock and key. An intricately designed master key opens a heart-shaped lock. Symbolism which is believed to have origins in ancient China, using a lock (often referred to as a “lovelock”) and key became popular in the 2000s but started as a modern custom among the Slavic nations. The lock can only be opened by one key, just as the lock holding your partner’s love can only be opened by you. Once opened, the couple locks their together and gets rid of the key. This is symbolic of the couple locking in their love for each other.

Be a part of this highly symbolic and precious gesture of love. An impressive layout, thought-provoking colors and a love-inspired theme showcase the love you and your soon to be spouse share with one another. Taking ancient tradition, semi-modern style and combining them with the eternity of love, this wedding invitation is in a one-of-a-kind class of its own.


Black Wedding dress by Ohmyhoney, Steampunk Corset by  Harlotsandangels, Gothic Dress by KMKDesignsllc, Invitation by Jinaiji


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skeleton keys and lock wedding invites


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