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watercolor flowers wedding invite

Whimsical and cute wedding invitations for your outdoor wedding inspired by blooming garden flowers .

cake weddingThis beautiful painterly art has a rich history, starting with paleolithic cave paintings and continuing with Ancient Egyptian manuscript illustration. During the Renaissance, the revered German artist Albrecht Durer adopted watercolor for his breathtaking paintings, making the medium extremely popular. From there, the use of watercolor in art has never looked back.

Today’s brides are having a lovely time with watercolors. We are seeing tables richly decorated with watercolor candle motifs and dip-dyed napkins and runners. Bridesmaids are adorned with wonderful dip-dyed dresses that add a lovely whimsical touch to the scene. We have even seen breathtaking wedding cakes with subtle watercolor washes and designs! Certainly, if you want to add a creative statement to your wedding, watercolor is a great way to go. wedding paper napkinsThe possibilities are seemingly endless and it is very easy to create a truly original look. Go pastel or bold, choose a few subtle tones or many vibrant colors. You can have fun really expressing yourself and creating a beautiful and memorable theme for your wedding.

Where watercolor really comes into its own is wedding stationery. There are so many ways that watercolor can be used invites, thank you cards, stickers or envelopes. It can be an abstract lines zig-zag lines in various colors, bold printing of the bride and groom’s names and pretty pastel washes. But the most popular are those with lots and lots of gorgeous flowers! These floral wedding invites are simply beautiful. The design is so cute and feminine with the lovely floral wreath made from little blossoms, branches and leaves. Who wouldn’t be charmed to open an envelope to find such a whimsical and expressive floral design waiting for them?

 Matching items available: cute floral wedding RSVP and other small flowers, leaves and nature inspired wedding stationery items.

Wedding Invitation Created by Jinaiji, Delicious and beautiful cake by SavvyFare

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painted floral invitations
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