black flowers romantic wedding invitation

Romantic and elegant Wedding Invitations

floral wreath wedding invites

Elegant and romantic wedding invitations suite with black and white wedding bouquet.

Black used to be a wedding staple in different cultures centuries ago! Brides wore whatever color they wanted in Europe, a trend that was changed by the elite who could afford the money it costs to create an expensive gown that was easily destroyed due to being white. In WWII the middle class adopted the trend and the tides were turned on different colored dresses. Regardless, in many Spanish Roman Catholic communities many brides continued to wear black as a way to show their devotion to their marriage.
Black flowers in weddings can be used to break tradition and stand out, but it is not far off from the more classic standard also. You can remain completely classic while still pushing modern thoughts for bridal arrangements by using, for example, a fully black wedding bouquet. black wedding dress for non traditional weddingsOr if you are going to wear a black wedding dress… Choosing this wedding invitation will definitely make you stand out with your impressive originality! Black looks absolutely stunning in this floral wreath wedding invitation, it emphasizes your names, and it looks so special and romantic.

In photo shoots: double sided invitation with floral wreath on the front side and invitation text on the backside; small RSVP card with floral pattern backside; black linen envelopes made by Envelopments exclusively for Zazzle, these have a side pocket fold and is ideal for invitations with additional cards. Wedding programs can be found in the same wedding collection between other matching items.

You can choose to go completely black or to use it as an accent color. Whether you are trying to be a traditional bride or go for something more contemporary, black is a perfect choice!

Bride in her black dress photo by Jose Villa
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