Five Ideas for Lasting Wedding Memories

You’ve been rushing around preparing for the big day and you look over at the pile of invitations sitting next to you. As you get ready to grab some envelopes, a sudden thought strikes you – “there needs to be more.” A wedding invitation is the first impression people get about your wedding – and in some way – your future marriage. Unlike birthdays, which happen every year and don’t require invitations to a party to be spiced up, weddings don’t happen all the time. At least, YOUR wedding doesn’t. It’s special – so make it seem that way from the dress (or suit if you’re the groom) you select right down to the little wedding mementos which match your wedding invitation.

Idea #1 – Coasters – get them customized. Coasters are easy to carry and highly useful. Also, every time your friends set their drink down or pick it up, they’ll be reminded of your special day. Use them as wedding favors or decorate your wedding table! There are seven different types of coasters on Zazzle!

beach wedding coasters
Idea #2 – Custom cookies and chocolate + paper napkins
Nothing shows appreciation quite like food. The old phrase goes that the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. We’d argue that women enjoy good food just as much as the guys. Customized paper napkins are the perfect gift to match with the cookies and chocolate. After all, you guests will need something to use to wipe off the crumbs.

wedding cookies chocolate and paper napkins customizable
Idea # 3 – Postage Stamps + Custom Wedding Address Labels
Sometimes simplicity speaks volumes. If you have to mail out your wedding invitations + RSVP cards, you are going to need postage stamps and address label which will safe you a lot of time. Why not have them custom made just for your wedding?

wedding stamps and custom address labels
Idea # 4 – Personalized Ribbons + Wedding Programs
Wedding programs are nice not only because they let guests know what to expect but also because they adorn your wedding table from the first look. Tie this simple ribbon around your wedding programs and the guests will be amazed by your creativity and style.

programs for beach wedding and ribbon
Idea #5 – Consider Custom Fabric and Other Products
Add fun and harmony with a custom – designed stickers – seals, belly bands, save the date magnets, favor boxes and more, and you’ll have the perfect personalized wedding with every detail personalized and made by you.

Wedding invitations shouldn’t be plain cards with nothing else. Add more along with it – get creative and let your personality shine through. The above 5 ideas are just that – ideas. You can use them or make something all your own. With hundreds of items for you to choose from, you can easily create a wedding collection that is perfect for you.

Seashells Wedding Invitation for Beach Weddings and other products by Jinaiji

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