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Color Your Wedding Beautiful!

Your wedding color is supposed to match everything: from the wedding gown of the bride and groom, decorations, invitation cards, wedding cake and accessories like flowers , serviettes and much more. There is actually a long list of the popular wedding colors for this year. The following are some of the most suitable colors for your big day.

This year, red, coral, Marsala, and blush pink are in this season. In fact, Marsala is color of year 2015. Red hues naturally exude elegance and make a seductive overall look. And red is known to grab attention.

red hues wedding colors

Yellows and oranges is another sought-after wedding color. It radiates a vibrant aura that can’t be easily seen in other colors. Yellow is a great color that shows warmth and happiness. If you want to feel young and refreshed on your big day, try this color. In addition, yellow and oranges usually symbolize hope. Match yellow with mint and have a summer meadow feel, or add dark purple for contrast.

yellow and orange wedding invites

Green is a symbol of vitality that means growth and health. One can say it shows devotion and anticipation of a new life with your partner. Basically shades of green such as emerald green look great on bridesmaids dresses while a lighter green complements many other pinks and reds.

green shades weddings

Blue is another popular wedding color as it is associated with serenity and peace. Regardless if your wedding theme is classic or modern, you can never go wrong with blue, especially with navy and royal blue.

royal blue wedding invites

Various shades of pink – for example, pale pink are also popular. If you prefer more vibrant colors you can try either fuschia or vibrant turquoise that has been blended with tones that are more muted.

wedding invites vibrant colors

By pairing different colors, you can make a stronger statement. Pick a dominant color that looks great on you and then building your other colors from that will assure that your wedding colors will make you and your entire wedding glow.

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