How to use Zazzle to get a customized wedding invite?
On Zazzle you can add additional text lines, change font colors, rotate your text, change sizes or add an additional information to the back side of your wedding invitation. Simply, in a few words, choose any invitation you like and then customize it however you wish, however you want to see it.
Here is a step by step guide on how to customize invitation in Zazzle.
Choose a Template
When you want to make a card you need to select a template that reflects both of you as a couple. With thousands of designs on Zazzle which you can customize online, you will surely find a design that reflects both of you. It is always recommended to sit with your spouse when selecting a card. It should reflect personal touch of the both partners.

choose your wedding invitation style
• Use the Invitation as a Template
Change text lines. OR if you have more text than the space in the template, you can use

customize it button for invitesCUSTOMIZE IT button this gives you many other options:customize invitation

1. Add more text lines
2. Change size of the font
3. Change color of the font
4. Add your own images
5. Rotate your text and images
6. Move text lines and images, align and more.
7. Add text to the backside of the invitation.
8. In the Customize It mode you will be able to see boundaries and grid lines.
9. Choose size of the invitation

Choose Paper Type
When you have finalized the design, you can choose between various paper options that range from a very small budget to a large budget. Always remember, it should reflect your style. The card might be low-priced but if it depicts your idea it is the best one for you.
Paper types in Zazzle:

1. Signature: Semi-Gloss 2. Signature: Matte 3. Signature: Ultra-Thick 4. Traditional: Laid 5. Traditional: Linen 6. Traditional: Columned 7. Artisan: Felt White 8. Artisan: Felt Ecru 9. Artisan: Kraft 10. Luxe: Pearl Shimmer 11. Luxe: Champagne Shimmer 12. Luxe: Metallic Silver
Matte paper is the most popular paper type in Zazzle. Semi-Gloss looks wonderful with all glitter, gold and shimmer invitations, Artisan paper types are created for artistic invitations – hand drawn and watercolor painted…

Choose Corners Style
paper shape options
Choose you wedding invitations in a variety of cut out shapes like: rounded corners, scalloped edges, ticket shape edges, bracket shaped cutouts, tag shapes.

Revise your card one more time
Zazzle will print exactly what is shown on the screen at the time the order is placed. Any text that you personalize, and design changes you make, any size or color alterations – that is what will be printed. 

• Place your order
When you have finished the card, you can process the order with a simple step by step checkout process. When adding the cards to your cart, always experiment with the quantity, there are huge quantity based discounts up to 50% off on large quantities.

nautical wedding tickets

With the growing demand, sites like Zazzle now offer a huge number of customized card templates, with a little effort you will understand how to customize it and remake the template into the personal invitation coming from you.