Custom Wedding Invitations

Customized invitations – give your invites a personal touch. With the digitization of the world a large number of tasks are now done online. However, everyone still wants to hold something real in their hands. Therefore, it is seen that people do not give an email invitation the weight of a personal invite. Customized invitations – is something in the middle between modern and olden days. Despite that you buy and work with it online, you still get a printed physical copy of it – you tie it with a ribbon, make a set of matching items, add confetti in the envelopes and seal everything with stickers… It shows others that you have worked with love to send a personal message. It reflects your style, personality and it shows that you have dedicated time to prepare the invites.

Me & Zazzle

Telling a love story with the original and unique invitations is what I enjoy to do. I love weddings and wedding parties, and this is such a blessing to work with people being so happy in love. I am professional designer I paint (watercolors, oil), draw, create digital artworks with Adobe Photoshop and more.  And all I make I sell only on Zazzle.  In Zazzle what you see is what you get! Your wedding invitation will look exactly as pictured: amazing colors, perfect sharp details and thick quality card stock. Ordering process is very easy and simple – customize invitation – add your own personal text, change names and even pictures. Zazzle will print exactly what is shown on the screen. You can always contact me regarding any changes to the design or if you need more matching items.



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I love my work! Love Zazzle and..


 flower wedding invite cute casual


mason jars wedding invite with fireflies


vegetarian wedding invitations