birch bark rustic wedding invitation


birch tree bark wedding invites

I’m thrilled to share this rustic country wedding stationery with you! This is an original wedding invitation for outdoor wedding inspired by birch trees.

Birch tree themes have been a top wedding trend for a few years now. birch bark wedding thank you chocolate favorsBirch works particularly well as part of a rustic wedding theme. It is unique among woods in that it lends both an earthiness and a silvery elegance to the decor. Other woods tend to impart lots of earthiness but not so much elegance! As part of the birch tree inspired wedding trend, you can see birch making an appearance in many different areas of rustic wedding decor. birch bark brideGirl baskets made from the birch bark, birch wood cake stands, carved birch name card holders and spectacular huppas and wedding arbors made with birch branches are just a few examples. One of the more unique and meaningful ways of incorporating birch into your wedding is to ask guests to write messages onto cards. Once written, they tie these cards with ribbons onto small birch branches, which have been placed into a vase. birch bark wedding belly bandsThis makes a little tree of ‘sentiment’ for you to keep and is inspired by a Japanese custom. Another unusual way of using birch is to hang favors from birch branches, ready to be plucked by guests. This idea can be used for very eye – catching centerpieces. There are so many other ways to use birch when it comes to centerpieces.. You can nestle flowers and candles in a curved piece of bark or create a tall floral display with birch twigs and flowers. The silvery birch twigs can also make a beautiful and elegant addition to the bridal bouquet. Perhaps you could pair it with rustic pinks, whites and greens for a beautiful dreamy feel. Or use brighter pinks and oranges for a more vibrant look. Just think about the wedding favors like this birch bark thank you chocolate. There are lots of options – go with your heart!birch candles
If your wedding venue includes birch trees in the grounds, count yourself very lucky. Birch groves make spectacular settings for wedding photos. Your wedding photographer will be thrilled! As you see, birch can be used in a myriad of imaginative and eye-catching ways. It is completely unique and adds a striking and original touch to rustic weddings. A perfect way to capture your birch theme early on is to include it on your wedding invitations. This will signal to your guests that the theme of your wedding will be a rustic one!
These birch wedding invitations have a lovely country feel, with the birch bark and the casual lettering. Your guests will see your love of everything rustic shining through when they open these!

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Wedding invitation and birch trees photo by Jinaiji, Girl Basket by BellaBrideCreations, Candles with bark by Pottery Barn
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birch trees and bark wedding invitations
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