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Are you fan of the great outdoors? Do you love forests and wildlife? If you are couple who wish to forget the traditional type of wedding in a church, why not to try a camping wedding right in the middle of the woods? Think of the money you’ll save on wedding decorations. Nature itself will provide its own decoration. Guests will reveal in the beauty of the surrounding trees, leaves and flowers as they are seated around the tent in which the event is taking place… you’ll say your vows accompanied by nature’s very own choir of chirping birds.

forest brideNext door to the tent where the ceremony is taking place is the canopied tent where the food is, whether it’s the traditional cake you always wanted or fun forest theme cupcakes or various other types of desserts. To the right of all the tents, the wood logs and kindling necessary to set up the huge bonfire that will follow at the wedding reception is in place. Be sure to buy plenty of marshmallows, and bring plenty of campfire songs.forest wedding rings You could rent a generator and hire a live music group, but it would be even more fun to sing a Capella or bring a guitar. Just imagine a string of lights that light up the wedding aisle in the center of the woods, with rows of chairs on either side, as the two of you meet each other to pledge your lifetime of love for one another.

This wedding invitation is all inspired by mother nature, as your guests receive their invites, they will look forward to spending your special day with you.

Rustic design features trees decorated with string of lights, birds, love heart with arrow and everything looks like engraving in the wood. Other matching items: save the date postcards, RSVP postcards.

Wedding Invitation Created by Jinaiji, rings in the moss by Foreverhookedbridal, Floral Head Wreath by NanasBells

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