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Boarding pass tickets – wedding invitations for nautical destination weddings.

A woman wedding can arguably be considered one of the most important days of her life. For brides who love the sea one way to make this day more special is to incorporate a sea-faring theme. Just think about these options:

Yacht Wedding

yacht wedding nauticalThis is not an often thought of option. Most people believe if you don’t own a yacht then a yacht wedding is not possible. This could not be farther from the truth. Many companies offer wedding services to couples who dream of their special day being on one of these vessels. Many offer all inclusive packages just for this purpose. If you are thinking of a limited guest list this may be a good option for you. It also offers many unique possibilities such as, riding into the sunset on a jet ski instead of a traditional car.

Cruise Weddings

For brides-to-be with grander ideas, you may want to consider a cruise wedding. This offers for a larger guest list. However, cruise weddings invitescruise ships must obtain a special license to perform a wedding in international waters so they opt to do it in port versus at sea. This means the lucky couple must obtain their marriage license in whatever city the wedding will be performed but, if this minor inconvenience is do-able then this could be a fun and perfect option for you.

Destination Wedding

A very popular choice among the soon to be hitched are destination weddings. Who wouldn’t’t want to be married in a far off and beautiful place? This can be tricky though. If you choose anywhere destination wedding in tropical island invitesthat is not considered the United States you’re subject to those international laws we talked about earlier. Also you must be sure that your important guests can make the trip. This is better worked out with smaller, more intimate guest lists. The best perk of this wedding is that the newlyweds can transition straight to their honeymoon.

Nautical Weddings and Beach Weddings

Now for the more frugal among us these other options may just not be in the budget but, fear not. You can still have a beautiful nautical wedding. You could opt for a wedding at a traditional venue or just on a public beach with a nautical theme. Shades of blue, seashells and anchors – that – works! Many sites offer an abundance of options for the sea-faring lady. You could even try a mermaid theme. This also offers some amazing photo ops.

Boarding Pass Style Invitations

So, you’ve chosen your theme and venue. Now what? Well, invitations of course. To keep with your nautical theme you could consider boarding pass style customizable invitations. They serve a dual purpose as invitation and RSVP as well as a ticket to get onto your boat, yacht or ship.

Boarding Pass Tickets created by Jinaiji, Couple and Yacht – by amazing private luxury yachts for events, company “Yachtcharterco“, Cruise by Royal Caribbean International, couple photo in Hawaii by Alohaislandweddings – wedding ceremonies by dream team!

Other boarding pass tickets – wedding invitations:

boarding pass tickets for weddings by ship or boat

Vintage Boarding Pass Ticket with Old Boat
Nautical Anchor Boarding Pass Wedding Invitations in a Ticket Style

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