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Simple, Yet Elegant Rustic Floral Wreath Wedding Invitation

Weddings are serious business and with all the hustle and bustle of planning, it can be easy to forget to center yourself. A good way of getting back to nature is to get back into nature. Maybe you don’t have time to climb a mountain or go hiking in the woods and sit on tree stump, listening to the animals and rustling leaves. What you can do is remind yourself of nature with this fantastic new wedding set design. Floral wedding invitations are often thought to be somewhat gaudy and..well…flowery. With this new simple design, you can invite guests to witness the harmony of your love by reminding them of the harmony of nature.
A meticulously hand-drawn wreath of white and pink flowers encircles the names of the soon to be married couple. More hand drawn flowers at the top and bottom of the wedding date are a captivating way of making sure your guests easily remember when the festivities will be held. Modern-style handwriting (also in white) matches the drawings in terms of both color and elegance. Set against a natural brown background reminiscent of the brown from the tree bark, this invitation blends new with old and likens the harmony of nature with a wish for marital harmony.
A matching RSVP card, complete with white and pink colored flowers is simple but perfectly matches the invitation. A brown envelope that reminds you of the paper bags you packed your sandwiches in when you went on a picnic in the woods completes the set. Fixed with a the same color seal (stickers) containing the names of the bride and groom encircled by a floral wreath.
Sometimes a simple design is the best way to say a lot. This new floral wreath design is made with the themes of woodland, nature, garden and harmony in mind. If you are someone who loves being outdoors (perhaps you will even have your wedding outdoors) – then this is the perfect choice. Get back to nature with this stunningly simple, yet creative and insightful wedding invite.

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Invitation created by Jinaiji

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