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Is a Beach Themed Wedding for You?

Who wouldn’t like to feel the sand between their toes or hear the crashing of waves on their wedding day? Many couples agree with this sentiment and choose a beach wedding. Some opt to marry at a favourite seaside or lakeside resort close to home while others choose a luxury resort overseas for a destination wedding.thank you cards beach wedding

beach wedding programsEither way, these coastal weddings have a feel all of their own. With a brightness and freedom that comes from being so close to the water, they are unlike any other type of wedding. That said, these weddings come with their own set of challenges that couples should consider. For example, seaside weddings call for a completely different type of attire. The bride will want to forgo an abundance of princess – inspired lace and frills for a simple, lightweight wedding dress. The groom should consider a linen suit for comfort and make sure his shirt looks great without the jacket! Even with the right attire, timing is important to make sure that the flowers and the guests don’t wilt. Early afternoon on a beach can be unbearably hot so choose a shady spot or opt for a stunning sunset wedding. Guests should be informed of typical temperatures and a dress code put in place that suits the setting. The photographer should be chosen carefully to make sure that he or she has experience with beach shoots. There is so much natural beauty that should not be missed! beach wedding cake
However, if a beach wedding is a dream of yours, you should not be put off. With a little extra thought it will be an amazing event that will stay not only you but also with your guests for years to come. When planning the details of your wedding, a beach theme provides so many fun ways to express yourself. For a color theme, you can put seaside blues together … or perhaps a colorful tropical feel appeals to you more. Decor can be sprinkled with shells, starfish and even beautiful pieces of driftwood. More than with any other type of wedding, you can do as much or little as you like: you already have a beach to provide the perfect theme!
One thing you shouldn’t overlook, however, are beach themed wedding invitations. couple beach wedding photoThese announce your chosen location to your guests, be it near or far, and set the tone for the wedding. This ombre blue beach wedding invitation captures the feel of a coastal wedding perfectly. The faded seascape imparts a dreamy, romantic feel – how can your guests help but start to get excited with you…?

Invitation created by Jinaiji – CUSTOMIZE ONLINE, Photography by Jinaiji, beach wedding cake by Cakery Creation

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