Nature inspired rustic wedding invitation features old barn in the woods.

Imagine this: You’re in a wide open field in the breathtaking countryside. The fresh breeze from summer meadows carries leaves and blossoms from the trees into your lover’s hair. The enchanted, romantic atmosphere reminds you of when the two of you first fell in love. It was simple, yet beautiful. Wouldn’t it be nice to feel that way again? Like you were falling in love for the first time again?wooden hearts

To be happy bride and groom and to make your wedding truly perfect, you’ll certainly need your family and loved ones in attendance.  That’s where the equally charming and rustic country invitations come into play. These particular wedding invitations are created for extraordinary weddings in forests and countryside. Invites features old, wooden barn or lodge in the forest, surrounded by flowers and moss. These invites represent the simple, picturesque nature of the wedding venue amazingly. With unique, hand drawn details, guests will be sure to cherish the thought and creativity of both the rustic country invites and the wedding. Some things never go out of style, and these timeless invitations are definitely among the list.barn wedding

The increasing popularity of countryside weddings have prompted many to opt for an enduring country wedding rather than a busy, stressful one in the city. There is a certain ethereal charm with these weddings that you absolutely will not achieve with a standard wedding in the city. The dim glow of string lights, handmade elements like wooden signs, rustic table and the flawless simplicity of it all fully come together to create a feeling that is impossible to replicate. Nature is truly your best friend with these weddings as walkways of lush, green grass replace concrete, man-made sidewalks. The beauty of the countryside is the best decor one could ask for. There are endless opportunities for stunning pictures, whether it be during the day, under the natural light of the sun, or at night, under the beautiful glow of the twinkling stars. That’s what makes barn weddings so special and unique.

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Wood Hearts by CountryChapel, Barn / Lodge Poster by Moonrisings
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barn wedding invitations rustics
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