vintage wedding invitation with spring flowers


floral wedding invitations for spring and summer

Floral vintage wedding invitation with spring flowers bouquet.

Your wedding is a unique chance for you to express yourself and be someone you don’t normally get to be – your fantasy version of yourself. Many brides picture themselves as princesses or a spring flowers cookies for weddingfavorite character, but this is also a chance to take advantage of a favorite time or era. A vintage wedding theme can add romance to your wedding day as you and your guests can forget the modern world and take a moment to look in to the past. Vintage wedding invitations are a great way to get in to the mood and overall vision of your wedding. wedding dress vintageYou can take advantage of lovely sepia tones, blossoming spring flowers and distinct rustic styles. With everything online – even weddings – it can be such a wonderful change of pace to send out paper invitations. And won’t your guests adore these cherry blossoms, violets, and snowdrops featured on this unique, vintage wedding invitations? Everyone loves a chance to participate in a beautiful, romantic day and will really get in to the mood if the first piece of it they see is this lovely card.

vintage wedding envelopesIf you are saying “I do” in the springtime, you will need invitations to send out no later than December. This will give your guests plenty of time to get ready for your big day and help them enjoy your romantic vintage style right along with you. Make the day you get married beyond memorable from beginning to end.

Please contact for custom color request. See other vintage wedding invitations in

Customize online – Wedding invitation created by Jinaiji

Wedding dress by Ohmyhoney, Invitation by Jinaiji

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